Posted by Vickie Henson on Tuesday, Feb 19th, 2013.
Hi everyone! We had a great day today. The kids have settled into our new (really old) hotel. I don't think they have ever seen actual room keys (not cards) In addition,we are required to leave the key with the front desk when we leave for the day. Today was spent touring the Esterhazy Palace where Haydn spent his career composing music for the aristocrat family. We also had a bit of free time to eat lunch and shop in quaint little town outside of Vienna.
After the tour we came back to the hotel to freshen up and get ready for our rehearsals/performances.
The church was very cold and had a great echo that was difficult to play with! The kids really had max out their listening skills.

I am working on putting up video but it is providing to be difficult with the wifi situation at this hotel. I WILL KEEP TRYING!

The ensembles all played well. The band piece Silent stands the Elm was my favorite of the band. Written to commemorate the Oklahoma City Bombing. The reverb in the church added new dimension to the piece. It gave me the chills! Just an amazing experience, one I think the students will not soon forget.

I am working hard to put up as many pictures and videos as I can but, wifi is slowing us down. Thanks to Mrs. Charbonneau and Mrs. Pincus we videotaped the entire concert which we will split up and post as soon as we can.

Tomorrow I am going to ask if any of the students would like to blog about their experience so far. It's 1 am and the 6:30 wakeup call will be here sooner than we think! Till tomorrow!
Posted by Vickie Henson on Monday, Feb 18th, 2013.
Today was a jam packed day! Up very early for breakfast to leave for Vienna. 4 hour bus ride to Vienna. We stopped halfway to eat early lunch and then on the Vienna. Once in Vienna we did a bus tour of the city, stopping at Schonbrun Palace. The afternoon was spent at the House of Music and we capped our day with dinner and checking into the new hotel.

Wifi - most of students are taking advantage of the times when free wifi is available, however, many paid for it tonight as we check into our hotel. 9 Euros for 3 days. As a reminder, I know many of the kids are using facetime or video chat with you. It is dinner time where you are but midnight here. Some of the kids are getting weary as they are staying up too late and putting in a full day. We are encouraging them to get to bed earlier!

BTW dont forget to check out the picture link as we upload pictures.
Posted by Vickie Henson on Sunday, Feb 17th, 2013.
Hi everyone!
Today was a great day! We ate breakfast at the hotel and set out for walking tours of Salzburg. We visited the Mirabell gardens, Mozart's birthplace and the Mozart artifacts. What thrill to see the violin as a child. After our tour we had lunc, searched for wifi to contact our loved ones back home and of course went shopping. After lunch we went to the salt mines of Hallein, which was very cool! To travel through the mine we took a train, a boat in an underground lake and of course the slides! I hope you take the time to view one of the videos I will post. (slow going) so you can see how much fun we had! After a little time in the gift shop we were back on the bus to freshen up for dinner. After dinner, the students were taken to a grocery store for snacks. And boy did they buy snacks! I think we may be up for a while tonight, as I saw cases of Red bull coming back to the hotel! Students had curfew tonight at 10 PM. We will be up early with breakfast at 6:30am so we can get on the road to Vienna! Till then
Auf Wiedersehen!
Posted by Vickie Henson on Saturday, Feb 16th, 2013.
It is 11:30 PM here in Salzburg. The kids are in bed or at least in their rooms. All is quiet. We had a great start to our trip. No problems with our flights or hotel. Our only glitch was that we were in a lot of traffic getting to Salzburg. Today is the first day of holiday here so everyone was on their way to ski in the alps. We toured the fortress tonight and had a great dinner there.

Internet access is not very reliable but we will keep trying. Kids are adjusting well to our schedule and we are looking forward to a great week.

I am going to try to post some pictures so be sure to click the photo link in the Vienna page.
Till tomorrow!