1)  What is Elwood Music Sponsors?
2)  What is NYSSMA?
3)  Who should perform a NYSSMA solo?
1)  Q What is Elwood Music Sponsors?
Elwood Music Sponsors is a parent/teacher organization whose purpose is to support music education, performance and enjoyment in Elwood. We sponsor events for the entire district annually, including the Summer Music Program, Harley and Boyd Talent Shows, Musical Instrument Petting Zoo, Battle of the Bands and the Music Banquet at the High School where we award various scholarships to graduating senior students. Recent special events have included a trip to Lincoln Center to see a performance by flautists Lady Jeanne (John Glenn HS alumna) and Sir James Galway. Students and parents from Boyd, EMS and JGHS were able to meet with these world renowned performers prior to their concert.
2)  Q What is NYSSMA?
NYSSMA stands for New York State School Music Association. When students talk about "going to NYSSMA" they are referring to performing a solo instrumental or vocal piece for a judge (non-Elwood music teacher) at the NYSSMA festival held at Elwood in the spring. Students may perform at levels I (beginner) through VI (advanced) and these one on one auditions generally include a prepared solo piece, scales and sight reading. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain experience performing on their own and get feedback that is all about encouraging growth and musicianship. Each student receives an extensive evaluation from his/her judge.
3)  Q Who should perform a NYSSMA solo?
Students in all grades from Kindergarten through 12th grade have performed in NYSSMA.  Students who study privately on a particular instrument generally prepare for NYSSMA with their private teacher.  As children gain proficiency with instrumental lessons in school, they may prepare a solo with input from their school music teacher.  NYSSMA participation is required for membership in the Tri-M Music Honor Society in both the middle school and the high school.  Additionally,  NYSSMA accomplishments and teacher recommendations are the basis for students being selected to perform in All-County (SCMEA and NYSCAME) Band, Orchestra and Chorus and the Long Island String Festival (LISFA).  These performing groups are for students in grades 5 through 12 with performances at a Suffolk County high school in November (11th and 12th grade students) or February or March (5th through 10th grade students).  Sophomores and juniors in high school may audition to be part of the All-State performing groups by performing a level VI audition.  All-State performances are in late November or early December at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester.  Select students who participate in the All-State Festival may be invited to perform in All-Eastern groups as well.