6th Grade Scrapbook
E. Grady

Welcome to ART at Elwood Middle School…I guarantee that, before long, it will become one of your favorite parts of the day – maybe even the very best part!  I have very high expectations for my 6th grade art students…but in the process of meeting these expectations you will learn a great deal about art and you will have fun.  You will also learn a great deal about yourself and the world around you.


· I expect you to respect the art room, the people in it, and the artwork being created around you.  I expect you to respect yourself and the work you create!!!

· I expect you to remember where tools and materials are kept in the art room, to use them carefully and correctly, and to put them back where they belong at clean-up time.

· I expect you to clean up after yourself…wash what you use, clean tables, pick up scraps etc.  I am your art teacher, not your mother or your maid!

· I expect 6th graders to listen to project instructions and to be attentive during lessons.  In the art room, we learn by listening, observing and following directions.

· I expect 6th graders to remember that, in spite of the tables, my room is a classroom and to behave appropriately.

· I expect you to take pride in your work and never ask the question “Is this good enough?”  If you have to ask that question, it tells me that you haven’t put 100% effort into your work.


Art is about process, not just about the final product.  So projects are graded on the process, not just the final presentation.  I’m looking for good direction following skills, good application of the elements and principles of art you are learning, your craftsmanship, your creativity, your ATTITUDE and EFFORT, and your pride in the final result.

At the end of a project ask yourself these questions:

· Did I learn something?

· Did I enjoy working on this project?

· Am I proud of what I accomplished?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you did a great job!


70% of your grade is based on your projects, 10% on your homework, and 20% on your classroom attitude and effort.  There is an actual project rubric on the Grady webpage.


Homework assignments will be given every two weeks and should be handed on the due date.  Late work will lose points.  Projects should be handed in on time.  If you find yourself falling behind you may come to extra help which is every morning at 7:30 in Art E.


There will be assigned seats.  Remember that the art room is a classroom even though there are no desks.  You are not free to wander or socialize, you are here to work.


You will need to bring to class:

3 Black Fine Point sharpies

3 Black Extra or Ultra Fine Point Sharpies

9" by 12" unlined Sketchpad

Pocket Folder

Gallon Size Ziploc Bag for Clay Storage

Roll of Masking Tape

Pencils with Erasers

4" by 6" piece of heavy cardboard


This is the 6th Grade Art video shown at Meet the Teacher Night