Emergency Fire Numbers  
East Northport 261-1110
Huntington 421-1212
Greenlawn 261-1616
Poison Control Hotline 24-hour 542-2323
Emergency 911
Non Emergency Huntington Second Precinct.. 425-8200
Child Abuse Reporting  
NYS Child Abuse Reporting Services 1-800-342-3720
Parents Anonymous. 265-3311
Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.. 549-7722
Child Care  
Suffolk County Child Care Council.. 462-0303
Counseling Services  
Catholic Charities... 543-6200
Family Service League of Huntington . 427-1768
Huntington Drug and Alcohol. 271-3591
Alcohol Hotline ( Huntington Youth Bureau) 549-8700
Alcoholics Anonymous (24-hour hotline). 654-1124
Huntington Crisis Counseling Hotline 549-8700
Jewish Counseling Services 724-6300
Long Island Council of Churches 727-2210
Senior Citizens  
Hotline 1-800- 342-9871
Financial Assistance  
Catholic Charities 543-6200
Family Service League. 427-1768
Society of St. Vincent de Paul. 822-3132
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