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Mrs. Diane Warren's A.P. Spanish class gets instructions for recording their assigned task into a computer file.

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Welcome to the John H. Glenn High School Computer Lab Page!

TO ALL USERS : Use the network in an appropriate manner,
following our school's Code of Conduct. 
Work from home can be done in Google Chrome/Drive, with easy access at school.

REMEMBER: no food or drink of any kind is permitted in the computer labs;
and use of items such as white-out, glue, staplers, scissors, is prohibited.

" Engadget" - Click here - Check it out!

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Mrs. J. Kennedy's English class uses the Internet and PowerPoint to conduct research on the Holocaust.

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Low-tech buddy? (But he saves you Twitter reading time!)

  • Before accessing the High School Computer Network or Internet, each and every student must have a signed Acceptable Use Policy on file. Student accounts will be disabled until a policy is signed. If you do not have one, please stop by the Lab (Rooms 115-117).

  • Help is available for students and teachers, during school hours, by contacting me in the Computer Labs (Rooms 115-117). Otherwise, you may contact me at: .
  • Although the Computer Labs are not typically open for free access by students, we do have a Library Computer Lab, which is often available to students who obtain a pass from the Library staff. If the Library Lab is unavailable, every effort will be made to accomodate students in need of assistance.


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Be green! Save electricity and charge your phone!